Our Mission

SJR Online promotes the tremendous cultural and social diversity of central California, welcoming local writers of all genres and identities, no matter your gender, race, age, sexuality, or level of authorship. Our mission is to encourage writers and readers to reflect on and share uncommonly seen perspectives that examine the everyday society in which they live. We encourage works that challenge readers to think outside the norm and expand the definition of conventional literature in creative and experimental ways.


Joaquin the Nightcrawler


Some towns are known for their Sasquatches and Werewolves, but here in Fresno we have the Nightcrawler: a curious spectral being who walks the streets when the sun sleeps. First captured through a local resident’s surveillance camera, it ignited a wave of fans claiming to have seen similar creatures and an abundance of artwork expressing various interpretations. Some say it is a walking pair of pants, a visiting alien, or a traveling ghost. We love the Nightcrawler too so we gave him a name: Joaquin the Nightcrawler. (Artwork by Elizabeth Bolanos)