When are you open for submissions?

We accept submissions in Poetry, Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Flash Fiction only in the Fall and Spring. We are a student run journal at California State University, Fresno so it is based entirely on the occurrence of the academic semesters.

What if I need to withdraw my submission?

If you sent us a simultaneous submission and it has been accepted elsewhere, please let us know immediately by emailing sjreviewonline@gmail.com. We make every effort to ensure your submissions are read in a timely manner so that we can notify the author as soon as we’ve made a decision, but we do not reach out and ask authors if their piece has been accepted elsewhere, so unless we are notified we will continue considering pieces for publication.

When and how will I know if my submission has been accepted?

We will notify you through email if your submission has been accepted or declined. We make every effort to reply in a timely fashion but it can take a while depending on the number of submissions we receive. We thank you for your patience.

Do you offer internships, workshops, or volunteers?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any internships or workshops. We are very grateful to anyone inquiring to help run the journal but we work solely as a class from students enrolled in the course at Fresno State.