Water Lillies, 1914-1915 by Angel Gonzales


“It took me some times to understand my water lilies…I cultivated them with no thought of painting them…And then, suddenly, I had a revelation of the magic of my pond.” – Claude Monet

And then, suddenly, I lost my place
in relation to the path behind me,
lost all concern with what was
on the horizon, and I faced myself
in the pond, dabs of light-blue and soft red drifting
among blurred pads of emerald green, the weeping
willow branches heavy with rain, making ripples
in a world of violet possibilities.

Angel Gonzales is a Trans writer from California. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Irvine and is currently attending Fresno State's MFA Program for Fiction. 

Photo by EandJsFilmCrew on Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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